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UWC Atlantic College
UWC Atlantic College 英國大西洋世界聯合學院 https://www.atlanticcollege.org St Donat’s Castle, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan WAL (威爾士) CF61 1WF 英國 私立 寄宿 12-13年級 混校 32,000英鎊
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UWC Atlantic College
UWC Atlantic College is one of 16 colleges based around the world. It has 350 boarding students that typically come from over 90 countries. All UWC students are expected to be resilient and independent, but the Learning Support Team plays an important role in meeting individual needs of students and supporting all students.
La princesse Elisabeth à l’Atlantic College au Royaume-Uni: 25.000 euros par an «totalement pris en charge par le couple royal»
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UWC’s founding college, UWC Atlantic College was designed to promote international understanding through education since its foundation in 1962. It provides a platform for young individuals to learn through shared experience and be empowered to make a positive difference.
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UWC Atlantic College delivers the two-year IB Diploma Programme for 16 -19 year olds, and with a student body of just 350 it is one of the smallest schools within the group. The only UWC campus in the UK, it is a very international boarding school with a model of “deliberate diversity” that attracts students from 90 countries each year, including refugees who receive full bursaries.
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UWC Great Britain
UWC Atlantic College Europe UWC’s founding college, UWC Atlantic College was designed to promote inter Learn More UWC Mostar Europe Being based in Mostar, a city which has become emblematic of the bitterness and Learn More UWC Dilijan Europe
Qu'est-ce que l’UWC Atlantic College. cet ancien château médiéval gallois qui accueillera la princesse Elisabeth pendant 2 ans ? - La Libre

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For her secondary school studies, Dutch Princess Alexia will attend the United World College of the Atlantic (UWC Atlantic College) in Llantwit Major in Wales. There, she will pursue her International Baccalaureate. Now, Princess Alexia is in her fourth year at the
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UWC Atlantic College: the school in a castle that’s …

UWC Atlantic College: the elite school in a castle that’s helping educate young refugees Glitterati parties In the 1930s, St Donat’s Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales, was the venue
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3 características únicas: Património Histórico – o UWC fundador do movimento, o UWC Atlantic está localizado num castelo do séc. XII na costa sul do País de Gales, no Reino Unido. O semi-rígido salva-vidas foi criado aqui. Atlantic Outdoors – o Colégio oferece um programa baseado na atividades física, serviço aos outros, iniciativas de liderança e trabalho em equipa que complementa
UWC Atlantic College: the school in a castle that's helping educate young refugees
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UWC Atlantic College est l’établissement fondateur du mouvement UWC En savoir plus UWC Maastricht Europe UWC Maastricht est un établissement scolaire intégralement multicu En savoir plus UWC East Africa Africa Le 1er Août 2019 marque l
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El UWC Atlantic College. Como todos los alumnos que quieren estudiar en el centro, y tal y como confirma la propia Casa Real en su comunicado, la princesa Leonor ha tenido que pasar un exhaustivo
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UWC Senegal
Ndèye Diago Dièye, Atlantic College UK 2001-2003 Ndèye Fatou Guèye, UWC Costa Rica 2008-2010 Oumou Khaïry Lèye, Red Cross Nordic 2001-2003 Ousmane Diagne, Li Po Chun Hong Kong 1992-1994 Papa Abdoulaye Diop, Singapore SEA 2008-2010
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UWC Atlantic is at the heart of a powerful global movement and at the vanguard of progressive education worldwide. We are proud to be a part of the UWC family of 18 schools and colleges worldwide – and for our courage to champion the values, ideas and aspirations in which we all believe.
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UWC Denmark
UWC Atlantic College ligger i St. Donats Castle, der blev bygget i det 12. Århundrede. Skolens elever bor i huse, der har plads til cirka 48 elever i hvert med kønsopdelte gange. Generelt deler fire elever fra samme årgang fra forskellige nationaliteter et værelse.