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Toray Cetex® MC1100
Toray Cetex® MC1100 PPS is a thermoplastic BMC based on TC1100 UD tape using high strength fibers in lengths of up to 25.4mm (1 inch). MC1100 also allows complex shapes to be made with varying wall thickness, integrated ribs and reinforcing structures.
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Injection-moldable and UL94V-0 approved, TORELINA PPS resin demonstrates excellent dimensional stability and electric characteristics even in hot and humid conditions. Further, the exceptional mechanical properties of these polyphenylene sulfide polymers remain intact, delivering high strength and high rigidity and low degradation for demanding applications.
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Toray is the world’s largest integrated PPS supplier including the manufacture of upstream raw materials and polymer and the sale of resin, fiber and film products. Toray has annual PPS polymer production capacity of 27,600 tons, including the production facility in Gunsan, Republic of Korea which started operation in 2016 and the facility in Tokai, Japan.
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TORELINA PPS Polymer List of grade Type Type/Feature Feature Grade GF verstärkt GF verstärkt GF30%, gut fließend A503-F1 A503-F1 GF30%, Standard A503-X05 A503-X05 GF40%, Standard A504X90 A504X90 GF 40%, kühlmittelbeständig

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Toray’s specialty TORELINA PPS grades A675GS1B and A575W20B resist up to 180 and 200 heat cycles vs only 110 cycles for general purpose PPS as shown in this bar chart below. Excellent Warpage Resistance of TORELINA™ PPS – better than competitive PPS
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Introduce a resin product of Toray Industries, Inc. 高耐燃燒性尼龍樹脂 AMILAN CM6004VG 灼熱絲對應規格 IEC規格中定下來的GW實驗中有優越的燃燒性等級的牌號
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Torelina PPS 필름 TORAYFAN 폴리프로필렌 필름 PICASUS 금속 광택조・이성형 필름 DECOFIT 올레핀 이형 필름 SETELA 리튬 이온 전지용 배터리 세퍼레이터 필름 TORETEC 자기 점착성 표면 보호 필름 METALOYAL 도금 2층 FPC 기판
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TORAY TETORON Polyester Filament TWINAS ® Perspiration-absorbing, Quick-drying Yarn Interlaced Yarn ARAWIN TORELINA Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Polyester Resins 필름/ IT 소재 Excell ® Polyester Film Lumirror Polyester Film
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TORELINA™ Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resin
TORELINA Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Resin Empty Toray’s high-performance engineering plastic TORELINA ™ resin boasts excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and chemical resistance, physical strength, and its superb fluidity leads to outstanding dimensional precision.
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Toray Creates Revolutionary PPS Film for 5G Circuit …

Testing to 250 C confirmed that Toray’s new PPS film does not deform. Increasing thermal resistance should make it possible to employ existing processing facilities of circuit boards. Toray attained a low coefficient of thermal expansion in the thickness direction of 98 ppm/°C by employing technology it has amassed over many years to control the orientation of film molecular chains.
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