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Network Time Protocol (Version 2) Specification and Implementation
 · PDF 檔案RFC-958 [30], but has evolved in significant ways, culminating in the most recent NTP Version 1 described in RFC-1059 [42]. It is built on the Internet Protocol (IP) [14] and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) [9], which provide a connectionless transport mechanism
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RFC 5907. Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server Option for DHCPv6. RFC 5908. 外部鏈接 官方網站 (英文) 公共NTP服務器列表 (英文) NTP節點鏡像群 IETF NTP working group Time and NTP paper NTP Survey 2005 Current NIST leap seconds file []
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RFC 958 ASCII, PDF, HTML Network Time Protocol (NTP) D.L. Mills September 1985 Obsoleted by RFC 1059, RFC 1119, RFC 1305 Unknown RFC 977 ASCII, PDF, HTML Network News Transfer Protocol B. Kantor, P. Lapsley February 1986 RFC 3977 ASCII,
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ntp / rfc.txt Go to file Go to file T Go to line L Copy path Cannot retrieve contributors at this time 6163 lines (4502 sloc) 235 KB Raw Blame Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) D. Mills Request for Comments Obsoletes: 1305, 4330 J
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Network Time Protocol Version 4 Reference and …

 · PDF 檔案several changes from Version 3 of NTP (NTPv3) originally described in RFC 1305, including the introduction of a modified protocol header to accommodate Internet Protocol Version 6 and a new header extension field to support the Autokey public key authentication scheme.
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Background and Charter The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely deployed and used in the Internet. However, the standardization status of this protocol has lagged in the IETF. RFC 1305 was published in March 1992 and remains unchanged and at Draft Standard
Binary analysis of NTP protocol
It is a complete implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) version 4, as defined by RFC 5905, but also retains compatibility with version 3, as defined by RFC 1305, and versions 1 and 2, as defined by RFC 1059 and RFC 1119, respectively.
標準時間網路校時客戶端程式 (NTPClock) 操作說明
It is a complete implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) version 4, but retains compatibility with versions 1, 2, and 3 as defined by RFC 1059, RFC 1119, and RFC 1305, respectively. ntpd performs most computations in 64-bit floating point .
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RFC 7821
タイトル : RFC 7821 – ネットワークタイムプロトコル(NTP)のUDPチェックサム補完 翻訳編集 : 自動生成 Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) T. Mizrahi Request for Comments: 7821 Marvell Category: Experimental March 2016 ISSN: 2070-1721
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Network Time Protocol
NTP es uno de los protocolos de internet más viejos que siguen en uso, desarrollado en 1981 y descrito por primera vez en RFC 778.NTP fue diseñado originalmente por David L. Mills de la Universidad de Delaware, [12] el cual lo sigue manteniendo, en conjunto con un equipo de voluntarios.
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ntpd: Network Time Protocol (NTP) Daemon User’s Manual

ntpd: Network Time Protocol (NTP) Daemon User Manual The ntpd program is an operating system daemon that synchronizes the system clock to remote NTP time servers or local reference clocks. It is a complete implementation of NTP version 4 defined by RFC
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NTPバージョン3仕様RFC-1305のワーキングナリッジはSNTPの実裝には 必須ではない。 1. 序論 RFC-1305 [MIL92] において規定されたネットワークタイムプロトコル(NTP) バージョン3は,コンピュータクロックを 同期させるために広く使用される。
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NTP, Network Time Protocol version 2

Defines NTP version 2. Obsoleted by: RFC 1305. Obsoletes: RFC 958, RFC 1059. Description Glossary RFCs Publications Obsolete RFCs