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 · PDF 檔案 · 358 Reinforced Concrete Stocky wall is where the effective height (He) divided by the thickness (h) does not exceed 15 for a braced wall and 10 for an unbraced wall. Slender wall is a wall other than a stocky wall. — monolithic construction I THIC SK 8/2 Wall
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 · PDF 檔案Types of Retaining Walls Tieback Wall •Tieback is a horizontal wire or rod, or a helical anchor use to reinforce retaining wall for stability •One end of the tieback is secured to the wall, while the other end is anchored to a stable structure i.e. concrete deadman driven
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 · PDF 檔案Design of Beam (Examples and Tutorials) by Sharifah Maszura Syed Mohsin Tutorial 1: Simply supported beam The properties of the beam are as follows: Unit weight of concrete = 25 kN/m3 Unit weight of brick wall = 2.6 kN/m2 Concrete characteristic strength, f
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Retaining Wall Design
Wall Rock can be used for the base material, within the AB Block cavities and behind the block. Wall Rock must be compactible aggregate ranging in size from 6 mm – 38 mm with no more than 10% passing the #200 sieve with a minimum density of 1,923 kg/m³.
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Reinforced Concrete Design
 · PDF 檔案ARCH 331 Note Set 22.1 Su2014abn 1 Reinforced Concrete Design Notation: a = depth of the effective compression block in a concrete beam A = name for area A g = gross area, equal to the total area ignoring any reinforcement A s = area of steel
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 · PDF 檔案Ce 479 Reinforced Masonry Fall 2005 Example: Strength Design of Reinforced Clay Masonry Shear Wall Consider the masonry shear wall shown below: Design the wall. Unfactored in-plane lateral loads at each floor level are due to earthquake, and are shown
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 · PDF 檔案Minimum design load is 5 psf out‐of‐plane SDS = 0.5; Seismic Design Category C Use the 2012 IBC Required: Determine if the wall is adequate. Solution: Check Load Combination G (0.6D + 0.7E). Wall weight is 36 psf, and R = 1.5 for
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Masonry Pilaster Wall Design and Construction Details

Moreover, using spaced pilaster with masonry block filler might be an economical option for freestanding wall or low height retaining walls. Various components of pilaster masonry wall are illustrated in Figure-1. In this article design of filler, pilaster,
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Counterfort Wall
 · This type of construction will probably be used where the overall height of the wall is loo large to be constructed economically either in mass concrete or as a cantilever. The basis of design of counterfort walls is that the earth pressures act on a thin wall which spans horizontally between the massive counterforts (figure 10.25).
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 · PDF 檔案Retaining Walls and Steep Reinforced Slopes Chapter 730 Page 730-2 WSDOT Design Manual M 22-01.19 September 2020 730.01(1) Retaining Wall Classifications Retaining walls are generally classified as gravity, semigravity, nongravity cantilever, or anchored.
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Lintel design and detailing
 · PDF 檔案National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) (Refs. 3, 4, and 5). These can be used to select the appropriate amount of re i n f o r cing steel for brick or block lintels (see also “How to Design Reinforced Masonry L i n t e l s , ” Masonry Construction, M a r ch
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 · Wall expands on the comparison: “Solid masonry — block or brick — provides the best fire resistance and sound and noise attenuation, along with reduced maintenance for longer life-cycle performance. But solid concrete masonry,” he continues, “can also:
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Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall – Design Rules The concrete wall panel element allows you to easily model, analyze, and design concrete walls for in plane and out of plane loads. Here we will explain how concrete design rules work. For general wall panel information, see the Wall