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第一次接觸Campfire是因為某耳機店舉辦試聽會。. 當時用的是小橘棒跟um 30 pro 曾經很喜歡白開水無太多調味的聲音. 因為不想一隻一隻聽,優先選了Jupiter / Vega / Dorado. 第一印象大概就是
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Campfire Audio Orion
Campfire Comet The Comet dethroned the Orion in 2018 as the lowest budget IEM in the Campfire lineup. In many ways, it makes sense. The Comet has a similar overall tonality as the Orion, but is really missing some of the coherence improvements in the
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 · 熊熊粗乃玩 campfire comet? 2020-09-09 01:10:35 回覆 aquamywaifu 我kxxs很好聽 2020-09-09 10:18:13 回覆 未登入的勇者,空氣感更真實的聲音能在這親民的型號展現出來。
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The Campfire Audio Comet (and Atlas) seemed to come out of nowhere. Whilst it is true that Campfire Audio regularly releases new earphones, often adds to its line up and also replaces earlier models with new and updated versions the arrival of the the Comet and Atlas came as a bit of a shock.
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Campfire Audio Comet Review
The Campfire Audio Comet are a completely new design of earphone from the US Bases Headphone and IEM maker. Since there inception a few years ago Campfire Audio has wowed us with a never ending parade of excellent headphone models. Long time
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Campfire Audio Comet
From Campfire Audio: Really Good Stuff. The Comet simply sounds good. Really good. It has a nicely balanced low-mid fullness with the high frequency extension magic from our 3D modeled Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber sprinkled on top. The weight of new
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把推文內容整理一下回文好了. 先來講,Dorado,令那種高音十分通透,要加入 2 樓的討論嗎
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Campfire Audio Comet
Campfire Audio Comet Campfire Comet is het nieuwe ‘instapmodel’ van Campfire Audio. De Comet heeft een full range balanced armature wat zorgt voor een vol en klankrijk midden en laag, met veel vrijheid in het hoog. Dit wordt bereikt door de 3D Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.). Campfire Audio IEM review De gepolijste RVS behuizing zie er bijzonder goed uit en kan …
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CAMPFIRE Comet 耳機 主頁 > 視聽娛樂 > 耳機及耳筒 > CAMPFIRE Comet 耳機 延長保養 特點 規格 加到購物車 zhzhPre-installation inspection is conducted already? skdjfi fsj fadffljsd flkfjasdl kfjklsdjf asjd fklasjdfkl jasdklfj skldfj akdsjf lkjsdfkja
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 · Comet, surprisingly comes in as the most affordable Campfire Audio earphone yet, at $199 MSRP. I’ll start this review off by saying I’m a huge fan of the CA Andromeda, it’s one of the few (possibly the only) IEMs that I’ve kept throughout my various buying / selling / trading of IEMs.
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Campfire Audio Comet 實測不銹鋼動鐵「銀彗星」入門耳機 香港01 – www.hk01.comCampfire Audio Comet 實測不銹鋼動鐵「銀彗星」入門耳機 – 香港01 FINAL E3000C 線控耳機 – 從品牌歷史,說明平價卻擁有高評價的過程 科技 – FINAL E3000C 線控耳機 – 從品牌歷史,說明平價卻擁有高評價的過程 – …
,剛拿到一整個系列的時候就有先跟機姐討論過那隻可能會比較討人喜歡,Jupiter 等高端型號。Comet 則以 3D 成形的共鳴部件取代單元的前端導管,Campfire Audio Comet | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

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Campfire Audio 於15 年推出首款入耳式動圈耳機Lyr 3/3/2020 · 但係大廠超新作 Campfire Comet $14XX 回覆 引用 TOP 伸延閱讀 BOSS的耳機如何?求評測 好慘 又要買線 回覆 引用 TOP 伸延閱讀 BOSS的耳機如何?求評測 好慘 又要買線 關於煲機/換線 M11
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Campfire Audio 原創的「Tuned Acoustic Emission Chamber 」技術本應用於 Andromeda